Wimab reached millions with the help of Mynewsdesk

During the autumn of 2018, the two-person company Wimab events started using Mynewsdesk to reach a bigger audience. Shortly afterward they launched a campaign that became so viral that they were awarded a prize in the Nordic Digital PR Awards.

When the prize for the Most Successful Story was handed out at the Nordic Digital PR Awards in March, the team behind Wimab was not in Stockholm. Camilla Emring and her colleague Johan Järlmo were at home on the West Coast; they didn’t believe they had a chance at winning against fellow nominees like SJ and the Ford Motor Company.

“The prize for the Most Successful Story goes to the company that has with one single story generated best reach and results. And the winner in this category is based entirely on data, so it came as a shock when we had beaten these giants,” said Camilla Emring, project leaders for marketing and sales at Wimab.

The goal to create interest

Wimab is a 30-year-old brand that arranges open lectures, manages a speaker pool and holds events all over Sweden. They have offices in Höganäs and Kungsbacka, and their speaker pool includes a big name such as Kay Pollak.

We are market leaders, so we look big–but we are only a two-person company. That is why we looked towards Mynewsdesk last year.

Camilla Emring

Wimab was looking for a communication platform that made it easy to create more interest in their events and reach more people.

“Mynewsdesk’s services and powerful search engine optimization made it possible. Moreover, we can automate parts of our work, which saves us time,” she added.

GDPR was another reason that Wimab turned to Mynewsdesk. Camilla explains that they needed to reach more people, but because of GDPR they could not send out mass emails like before.

“Mynewsdesk’s emailing process is GDPR secure, and when we do press release dispatches it’s sent to media representatives and others who follow our newsroom.”



The number of views in the Mynewsdesk newsroom



The campaign reached 2,6 million Facebook users



The number of people who followed the campaign and received new post notifications

Viral calendar

Many know that you can share press releases and news via Mynewsdesk. But their platform also has a blog, which is what Wimab used for its viral campaign. The purpose was to present a new speaker in Wimab’s network, nutritionist Martin Brunnberg. In December, Camilla created a Christmas calendar on the theme of ‘Eat well’. Every day she published a blog post based on Martin Brunnberg’s knowledge and recipes.

“I created the blog post on Mynewsdesk quickly, with pictures and proper formatting. I created a 24-day editorial calendar, so when December came, I was ready. And it was a success–I got 186,000 views of my posts on Mynewsdesk’s newsroom”, she said.

When Camilla created posts on Mynewsdesk, she used the links to quickly post them on Facebook as well. Even there did Wimab’s digital calendar generate unbelievable interest.

“According to Facebook’s statistics we reached 2,6 million Facebook users, and 180,000 people took part in the campaign during December. Combined we reached more people than we thought was possible. It was a successful campaign–with Wimab, Facebook, and Mynewsdesk being the three sturdy channels,” concluded Camilla.


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