Mynewsdesk offers several API solutions for fetching and controlling material on from another website. Which one is right for you?

For customers with a newsroom and wish to display media from Mynewsdesk on your own website or websites.

If you are a customer of Mynewsdesk and publish content in your newsroom on, you have a few option to show your content on your own homepage. You can use an API, the Webservice for newsroom, to fetch content from your newsroom. Or you can use Hosted Newsroom, which let's you embed a ready-made newsroom right into your homepage, with a lot less work (but also less control over the details). The key take-away is that you as a customer have access to API:s that let you fetch your own content.

Webservice for newsroom

Allows you to fetch content from your newsroom, and mirror it on your own site.

Hosted Newsroom

Mirror your whole Mynewsdesk newsroom on your own site.

Custom Mail From

Send your emails with your own domain name.

Follow Button

Add a Follow button to your website to increase engagement and number of followers.